Security & Surveillance

Here at AVENTLE, We provide customers with fully scalable and reliable end-to-end security and surveillance solutions to cover their security needs so that businesses can focus on their productivity and daily operations hassle free. We install, maintain and look after your system and security needs by providing you with the hardware that fits your needs.

Biometric Solution


AVENTLE Biometric Solution is one for all solution that covers your employee attendance, count, lates and salaries. Biometric solutions have proved their ROI in every organisation and we make sure your organisation does that too.

Surveillance Systems


Whether its minimising incidents in organisation, identifying shoplifters, satisfying customers or increasing your productivity in the long run, AVENTLE has unparalleled industry expertise for seamless integration of CCTV systems.

Access Control Systems


AVENTLE Access Control System (AACS) provides an additional layer of security to the organisations avoiding access to unauthorised personals. Our software integrates the most advanced security protocols with network capabilities.

Touchless Biometric Solution


With the increase of Non Touch demand AVENTLE provides facial recognition solutions for access control and biometric solutions. Organisation can achieve most efficiency with the facial recognition solutions and softwares provided by AVENTLE. Our solutions works best in every situation and scenario, whether it’s universities, schools, government offices, corporate organisations, banks and even at public place.

Turnstile & Walkthrough Gates


AVENTLE provides integration of Turnstile Gates and Walkthrough Gates with its software to achieve maximum security and avoid and kind of incident. Our software works efficiently with all kinds of gates and provides reports and real-time logs to companies with which many insights can be calculated and a system with high accuracy rate can be developed.