CAFAM’s is fully automated management system for cattle farms, it is highly scalable software solution developed to meet the needs of local market cattle farms. Integrating the local market methods with best IT practices CAFAM’s has been developed in a manner to achieve automation in all kinds of processes needed to manage a cattle farm.

CAFAM’s cover all the areas involved in a cattle farm process: Beef Cattle, Qurbani Cattle and Dairy Cattle. It also takes into account the basic cost involved to calculate the profit or loss in a particular animal or lot; Vaccination, Feed and Resources used.

Starting from purchase of the animal till its sales (w.r.t weight or market value), the software does it all. It also has properly managed archiving for future references and growth analysis.

As far as Daily Milk production system is concerned CAFAMS has been developed in a manner to cater all such process, Daily Milk Production(Twice) will be entered to get an estimate of the milk being produced by a particular cattle, indicating the gain or loss in previous shift. At the end current date’s value of the cattle will also be calculated and the owner can get an idea of the cattle’s current value.

CAFAM’s is web-based desktop application; the user can either use the web interface of the software when they have an access to the internet or even work on the desktop application installed locally, understanding the local market and the area where this software will mostly be used we can’t always rely on the availability of the internet, that’s why CAFAMS has been developed on a DLOUD platform, through such technology data entry can be done through the desktop terminal of the software and once there is strong internet connection the local data will be transmitted to the web server where all the reports and calculations will be performed and through the web terminal dashboard the owner can view all the investments and the Rerun On Investment (ROI).

Core Features

The Purchase module includes the amount for which the animal has been purchased as well as the cartage included to bring the animal to the farm and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Sales Modules are of different categories for different types of cattle; the animal can be sold with an amount directly decided by the farm owner or it can also be sold through the weight of the animal.

Cost analysis indicates the total amount invested on a particular animal; it also takes into account the daily expenses that are being made on the cattle as well as the daily production the cattle is producing.

Farms usually weight each cattle bi-weekly and it is very important to them that the weight of the animals is increasing rather going down, this usually depends on the type of feed being fed to the cattle.

The software here calculates the previous weight with the current weight and an analysis of the weight is projected.

Daily Milking (twice a day) is fed into the software and the everything is then calculated at the back end of the software application to give the owner an outcome of the production taking place.

Vaccination plays a very important part in a cattle farm, as it involves a cost. Vaccination Module is very easy to use and as the vaccination is done this ads up the cost of the particular vaccination into the cost of the animals care.

Cattle farms usually have different types of feeds. Depending on the weight or the production the owners decided which category feed is to be fed to the cattle.

Medium and Large Cattle farms have multiple sheds and it is important that each shed is being maintained separately eventually calculated as a whole farm.

Shed management Module does that in a very smooth manner and reports are generated as the user wants.

Everything being entered into the software application is one way or the other calculated and is an outcome in form of reports.

Cattle farm owners can have custom generated report, Daily Milking report, Animal Profit/Loss, Weight Projections reports and Cattle Farm Profit / Loss Report.