AVENT-TICKETING is a Hybrid (Cloud & Desktop) Solution for Managing Indoor and Outdoor Events, designed & developed in a manner that it can cater any kind of events whether they are Movies, Theatre Plays or Live Shows.

AVENT-TICKETING has been carefully structured to meet all the needs of such events so that the organisers can feel hassle free with their ticketing department and event organising. With its powerful features we assure you that you will not need any other third party software integration, AVENT-TICKETING empowers you with everything, such as:

  • Event Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Seating Arrangement Management
  • Ticket Printing
  • Unique ID Generations
  • Ticket Verification
  • e-Ticket Solution
  • SMS Alerts (Api)
  • Email Alerts (Api)
  • E-Commerce Advancement



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